I introduce myself

About Malaga you can find many itineraries, travel guides, museum information but I want to offer you my vision of the city, I was born far from here but it seemed that I was destined to live in Malaga a series of coincidences brought me to this city and I was discovering over the years, my parents like me have emigrated and honestly it is unlikely that I would want to live in another part of the planet other than this one. Since I am now from Malaga by adoption, I receive family and friends from different parts of the planet, so we often organize visits to the city and every time someone returns I have to work hard to show them unique and different places, we also like the food and in terms of places to eat is luxurious, we have a gastronomic offer that goes from the most typical to chains and franchises, the sure bet is to go eat at Pedregalejo, sitting on a terrace with the sea as background music and the occasional singer with the guitar.

I will share my particular vision of Malaga and I will have one more excuse to visit places that I have yet to discover, although it has been 20 years I have not known all the corners of the city, some have been difficult to find, such as the Santelmo Aqueduct and others I have reserved for a special visit from my nephews who will soon come to see us.

I do not intend to make a professional tourist guide, far from it, but if you have reached our website we will offer you some options so that you can start your trip on your own and get to know Malaga in your own way.

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